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The Ultimate POCSAG decoder

This is a Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (POCSAG) protocol decoder that currently runs on Linux and FreeBSD.

It features:

  • Soundcard input via OSS (usually /dev/dsp).
  • Server mode: One instance of the decoder can serve audio and raw POCSAG streams to other instances of the decoder connecting as clients.
  • Telnet server.
  • Logging of raw POCSAG codewords to disk.
  • Error highlighting.
  • Noise smoothing (reduces error rate when input signal is weak and/or noisy).
  • Statistics logging.
  • Displaying of raw POCSAG codewords.
  • Filtering based on keywords, RIC, and function bits.

It has the ability to log decoded messages to:

  • Console
  • Disk
  • MySQL
  • IRC
  • Windows machines (popup using the messenger service).
  • Telnet server
  • E-mail
  • External applications

This project originally began as a Perl script in January of 2008 when I realized that there were no working POCSAG decoders for Linux, and I badly wanted one.

It has since been rewritten and improved to this C version. Please read the documentation carefully before attempting to use it.


pocsag-1.03d.tar.gz (107 kB) Changelog


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Send all feedback to

  • Statistics

  • Telnet server

  • Error highlighting and displaying of raw POCSAG codewords

Last updated: April 27, 2018.