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Welcome my little corner of the internet. The page you are looking at is hosted on a Linux server located in a closet in my home.

For about five years (2003-2008) I had the most simplistic of pages here. But I finally decided to do something about it. I've also added some new content which I hope will be interesting to some.

Update May 2018: Moved from to my own domain, When I first registered in 2002, charged nothing for that service. But a few years ago they started charging around $25/year for their dyndns-service and I finally had enough of that and took the plunge and registered my own domain: just $15/year if I do my own DNS hosting, which I do, because I'm a geek.

The black lines that appear inside the white boxes on this website only appear in Chrome, and I haven't bothered to fix it (yet). It worked fine on Firefox back in 2008 (and it still does) when I initially designed this website. Go figure. This website will probably undergo a redesign at some point when/if I decide I want to add content on a more regular basis. I will most likely be adding some more electronics related content soon.